Dr. Bruce Jobling    

Dr. Emma Leon

The Private GP and Night Doctor Service

24 hrs Medical Service      0161 980 2626

  The Private GP Service

"Peace of mind for you and your family,

at all times"

Dr. Bruce Jobling    

Dr. Emma Leon

24 hrs Private GP Medical Service

0161 980 2626

  Same day appointments


We are a group of experienced GPs, based in South Manchester. We offer the highest level of care, above and beyond the NHS.
  • Available 24 hours - 7 days a week  
  • Prompt and personal medical care 
  • Same day appointments available  
  • Home visits 24 hrs a day  
  • Additional surgery in Hale

Whilst the NHS is a good system, demand has increased so much that it has become almost impossible to offer the prompt and personal care that we all wish for. The uncertainty is now even greater, since the responsibility for out of hours care has been removed from your local GP.

We believe our patients want a professional service with peace of mind at all times - from immediate telephone advice from a doctor, to organising an admission into hospital, anytime, day or night - all provided by a small group of doctors whom they know.

Hopefully you will not need to see a doctor urgently, but accidents or illnesses occur when least expected and having to wait many hours for healthcare can only make the ordeal worse.

You can remain with your NHS GP, as our aim is not to replace your care, but to work alongside it. Providing you with our extra medical care when you or your family most need it.
We have been caring for individual patients, families and companies for over 30 years. 

If this service is of interest to you to your family, please contact us.

Dr Bruce Jobling

Home visits 24 hrs a day


Your baby
You'd like a doctor to visit at home if you're worried.

Your child
It's late and you don't want to have to drive your sick child to an out-of-hours centre and wait.

Your elderly parent
You're concerned and want quick, personal care for them.

Your team
If your players or their families are unwell, no one wins. 

Your staff
Your work force is your most important asset. You want to keep them well with check ups, health promotion and rapid access to medical advice.

You're busy and need to have a check up with a doctor at a time that fits in with your schedule.

If this service is of interest to you or your family, please contact us to register.

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